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ELIMINAR!! Production Services In Barcelona For Branded Content

ELIMINAR!! Production services in Barcelona for Branded Content

Early January Cheetah digital a marketing agency from United States hired our video production services to film a interviews of one of his clients, Emailing Network an email marketing agency.

Cheetah needed a local production company to record interview to the Chief Marketing Officer and CEO. We also film beaty images ( b-rolle) to ilustrate the reportage.

We also provided the video editing services so the client got a final video edited to display on their video blog as part of their branded content. A series of videos where their clients share their growth using their tools.

We offered two camera filming in 4k, sound recording with mic lavalier and boom mic and all lighting equipment.

The filming took place in the premises of Emailing Network and the editing process last about a week and it contain audio voice over of the questions.

If your company is in the need of a similar solution, here you can hire our production services Barcelona.

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