Service: Advertising video for social media Barcelona

Client: TotalSafePack

Date and location: January 2020, Barcelona

Duration: Filmed in 3 hours and edited in 2 days


Production of advertising video and snack contents (mini videos) for the social media channels of TotalSafePack, a company dedicated to the packaging of glass bottles. The marketing department contacted us for the production of a promotional video called TSP Challenge 2, previously we made the production of the 2019 TSP Challenge that consisted of launching the 3-meter high box. Therefore, the challenge for this year was to show more exciting and ambitious content, to welcome the new year.

In addition, this challenge for the product had to involve a more impactful and longer lasting action. For this, the creative department of MODE MEDIA analyzed different situations in which the resistance of the box could be demonstrated. Through a brainstorm, the creative analogy technique was applied where the TSP box is represented as a punching bag. And in this way the TSP Challenge 2 was carried out where it was experienced if a box of TotalSafePack would resist the blows of a professional boxer.

Then the production department proceeded to scout the gym, as well as the casting of the boxers and the presenter of the Challenge. The technical script was put together and the production design was done. Over three hours the lighting assembly was done, the sound was prepared, shots were taken with high-definition camera and gimbal stabilizer, both at normal speed and in slow motion to capture the impacts of the blows to the box.

Then the advertising video was mounted with a duration of one minute and 45 seconds, as well as the edition of snack contents (mini videos) as a strategy for the TSP Challenge 2.

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Below you can see the project:


TSP Challenge 2
TSP Challenge 2

MODE MEDIA, Barcelona, produced advertising video for social media of TotalSafePack Challenge 2, using high-definition camera.