Service: Business Videos for Social Media.

Client: Mayan Spa 

Date and Time: 14th of August, 2020

Duration: 1 day filming, editing cut delivered in 1 week.

For this project, the business required a promotional video to showcase its luxury spa facilities in Barcelona. The post-production services included several videos to promote the business, but primarily a 1 minute video for Facebook and Instagram. Therefore, we provided horizontal and vertical video format and then a 30 second video in vertical format as well.


Video for Website and Youtube: 1 Minute, Horizontal Video Format, 1920x1080p Full HD

The 1 minute vertical video format has become a popular tool for social media marketing. This is because studies show that consumers use smartphones already as their main device for videos. As such, this particular video marketing tool allows us to tell a story through powerful imagery. Therefore, we keep viewers casually engaged on Facebook or Instagram without listening to voiceovers in public places. 


Video Facebook and Instagram: 1 Minute, Vertical Format, 1280x720p HD

These days, the consumers we are trying to reach have less and less attention spans. They tend to expect more impactful content and in a shorter time frame. Therefore, a 30 second format can be more appropriate to keep viewers from skipping adverts on Social Media. To see another example of our customised Digital Marketing strategies, take a look at our work with Shambala Gatherings.


Minivideo for Facebook and Instagram: 30 Second, Vertical Video Format, 1280x720p HD


However, for the purpose of Instagram stories, we also look for 5 second ‘snack content´ clips. These ‘snack content’ clips are useful for catching viewers’ attention, and enticing them to learn more.

If you want to promote your business or product then please feel free to ask about our video content for social media.