Services: Barcelona company photography

Client: Osteopath Barcelona

Date and Place: May, Barcelona, ​​2020

Duration: 1/2 day take photography. Enter final photos within a week.

Pablo Sola is an osteopathy professional with consultation in Barcelona. Like many other professionals, they have taken advantage of the state of alarm to improve the communication of their business. To do this, you can update the photos on your website to illustrate the nature of your services, be able to customize your communication a little by replacing some photos in the image bank with your photos. You can also take photographs outside your practice to have quality images to present in the “Who I am” section (“about”) and also have photos for your professional LinkedIn profile.

The model was provided by the client but at MODE MEDIA we can also offer models to our clients for this type of photography.

Many of these photographs can also be used for possible pdf and powerpoint presentations of their services and also for newsletters, and future marketing campaigns (google ads, facebook ads).

The service includes the delivery of photographs in a web-ready format (optimized for rapid web loading) and a copy of them in the highest quality version for certain printing.

If you are an independent (freelance) professional and need to publicize your services online, you may want to improve your communication. By hiring a service we can give you a report on the audiovisual communication of your website for free. You can leave your request here, to consult the photography service for professionals.