Service: Promotional videos Barcelona
Client: BOA artisans
Date and location: May 2013, Barcelona
Duration: 1 nigth shooting (1 week for the preproduction and 1 more for postproduction)
This online commercial video was commissioned by the Portuguese fashion designer Daniela Oliveira Luz who recently launched a collection of handmade cardigans and uses a modelling technique which is based on the design being on mannequins. Video was for promotional purposes to launch the brand and popularise the web.

This is a low-budget video, shot mostly in her workshop in Barcelona. Canon Shot with 5D Mark III, along a long day and night, one pre-production a week and postponing of around a week.

Casting: Paula Bertolin and Marc Carapeto.

Direction, camera, Dop and  Editing: Georgie Uris.
Production and Diver: Alex Felez.
Assitente Fotografía: Pere Larrgula.
Camera Making of: Alam Raja.
Asistente plató: Mauro Balaguer.
Voz en de: Manuela Martini.
Sound post production: Andreas Usenbenz.
Soundtrack: Basti Bund.

Filmed and edited by //
to //

Photo and video production company in Barcelona, MODE media 2014



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