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07Aug 20
Video Streaming Service In Barcelona
Video Streaming Service in Barcelona

Our video streaming service in Barcelona is to offer a solution to companies, brands and event organizers that, due to covid19 reasons, are faced with the impossibility of meeting their regular public physically in a room or auditorium for security reasons.

Filming the presentations, lectures, interviews to broadcast them by streaming in real time on YouTube, Facebook Live, Instagram or a private page specially created for the event, is a solution for all those events that cannot be postponed.

Thanks to streaming you can reach audiences anywhere in the world. Streaming services are especially suitable for broadcasting conferences, congresses, specialist interviews, presentations, webinars, virtual conferences, video conferences, concerts, press conferences, etc.

The service is adapted to the different needs of each client and the budget available, from modest services with a camera and a computer, to multi-camera filming, with professional microphones, lighting and makeup.

We work with all kinds of streaming platforms, from the most basic streaming products like Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, WebEx to more professional platforms like OBS and Wirecast.

Tell us about your streaming service so we can help you.

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28Jul 20
Fashion Photography Services
Fashion photography services

Soon we will be able to share with you the photo session for the catalog of the Malamute Sunflower kimono collection. Malamute is a fashion start-up that focuses on making kimono designs with fabric scraps used by other brands to avoid generating waste and contributing to its grain of sand in the fight against climate change. The photography services contracted by the company include conducting a photo shoot in a photography studio (set) to photograph all the clothing items for its online store. In addition, inspirational photographs are also produced for the brand’s advertising campaign. The service includes hiring a fashion photographer, an assistant, a makeup artist and two models.

The first contacts took place a month before the photo session. We always recommend hiring a similar service at least two weeks in advance at a time as possible to have better availability of professionals and resources (photographic equipment, studios).

The Lookbook photo session and campaign photos were made on the same day thanks to the fact that only 10 garments were taken and for the campaign photos a unique location was chosen, otherwise a second day of shooting would have been necessary.

Final photographs are delivered within 2 weeks from the day of shooting, although these dates can be modified based on calendar needs.

All photos are delivered edited and ready for publication on the brand’s website and social networks after a selection and color correction process.

If you have a brand or are a designer who needs to photograph their collection to promote your sales, we can take the photographs for the fashion catalog and the inspirational photographs of the advertising campaign for the web and social networks.

Click on the link, if your brand needs a fashion photographer in Barcelona.

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07Jul 20
5 Tips For Recording Video Tutorials
5 tips for recording video tutorials

TAGS: video recording tutorials barcelona

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, from Mode Media we made 10 video tutorials for the paint company Bruguer, which wanted to maintain contact with its clients during quarantine while presenting its new range of paints, Chalk Paint! Chalky Finish, inspired by Nordic design and vintage finishes.

The recording of these tutorials took place at the Bruguer paint factory, located in Barcelona. For its realization, both the camera and video equipment were provided by the client, with the aim of achieving a reduction in production costs. A multi-camera shoot was made, with which high-definition images were obtained, and a set with a green background (chroma key) was used, which was later replaced in the edition according to the client’s requests.

Bruguer contacted us through the agency Houser & Houser, specialized in Marketing and Communication, seeking to make a series of videos for its Facebook and Instagram channels. They were delivered finished to the client within a week, with the format adapted to horizontal screens in the case of Facebook and vertical if we talk about Instagram, which experienced a growth in its number of followers of more than 50%, going from 26,000 to 42,000. In addition, the videos were delivered ready to be uploaded to the different platforms without the need for modifications by the client.

If you are looking for a company with which to record your video tutorials, you can contact our Video Production department. On the contrary, if you want to start in the world of creating video tutorials, continue reading the five keys that we offer you to succeed in the sector.

It is important to know everything you want to say during the video, and for this it is essential to develop a script in which to organize the ideas. It must be clear, concise, cohesive; with the aim of facilitating the filming and transmission of your ideas in the best possible way.

If you are starting out in the world of video tutorials, the most likely thing is that your filming set ends up being some corner of your agency or company. If you do not have enough money to get good equipment (cameras, tripod, spotlights, etc.), it’s okay: today there are many mobile models that record high-quality images, but choosing a well-lit site will be key to that the image quality is optimal. It is useless to record at night in the light of an orange lamp. In the same way, choose a smooth background, avoiding background elements that can end the attention of your audience.

Coupled with the above tip, keep in mind the main topic of your tutorial to choose a good frame and camera angle. If it is a turorial in which you need a table and require the manipulation of an object with your hands, it would be best if you make a fairly general plan and enter detailed plans. If instead your video focuses on the face, a short shot is preferable.

There are many editing programs at your fingertips to edit your videos, but the most important thing when editing is to think about your audience. You shouldn’t be making videos longer than 10 minutes. Remove all the filler, introduce transitions, shot changes, titles, animations, anything that helps your audience stay focused on what you’re telling. On the other hand, if you think that it will take you weeks to control an editing program, we recommend you to invest your time better and look for professionals who will do the work for you, in order to avoid mediocre results.

Not everything comes out the first time and it’s okay. There will be moments of despair when you see how you have to repeat a shot over and over again. So it is important that you memorize the script you have made, only experts allow improvisation. Everything is achieved through patience and perseverance.

If you still have doubts or want to ask us about budgets for the needs of your company, contact us at [email protected]

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08Apr 20
Video Inbound Marketing
Video inbound marketing

Tag: Video marketing agency Barcelona

What is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is a methodology that consists of attracting customers with useful, relevant content and adding value in each of the stages of the buyer’s journey.

The role of video in inbound marketing

Within inbound marketing, using video can increase your conversion rates up to 65% acording to hubspot.

Videos are the kings of online content. 95% of network users play videos on a regular basis and spend half an hour a day consuming this type of content.

Video marketing is the use of video within a digital strategy to publicize, position, promote and sell a brand, company, product or service in order to achieve the objectives that you have set for your business.

It is called to be the present and the future of digital marketing and more and more companies, both large and small, are betting on it, including video marketing within their actions on social networks. The truth is that they do not lack reasons for this.

Did you know, for example, that 78% of the content consumed on the web is already audiovisual content?

Video content likes and attracts, among other reasons because it is easy and fast to consume, it does not require any effort, it is entertaining and adds value. But also, it is super effective for all types of businesses and acts as a springboard accelerating your path towards your company’s goals.

In fact, 80% of users remember a brand or product better if they have consumed videos of that brand. And not only that, but 57% of consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching a demo video about it.

Why use video marketing for B2B companies?

Video is not only a means of emotional communication with users, but also a direct and interesting way of conveying complex ideas. So this is a great ally for any B2B sales strategy.
Video content is used for branding campaigns, but is also suitable for recruitment campaigns. According to Invisia Technologies, posting videos on a landing page can increase conversions by up to 80%. 90% of consumers admit that videos help them make purchasing decisions.

In this regard, here is a list of reasons why you should adopt a strategy that includes video marketing:

  1. In a single month, more videos are uploaded to the web than all the audiovisual material that has been produced for TV in three decades.
  2. One in three tablet users consumes about an hour of video every day, while 28% of smartphone users watch a video at least once a day.
  3. 78% of people consume videos on the Internet every week, while 55% do so every day.
  4. 500 million people watch videos through Facebook daily. 85% of those videos are consumed without sound, hence the importance of the subtitles.
  5. Snapchat users watch 10 billion videos a day.
  6. 82% of Twitter users consume video through this social network.
  7. 75% of business executives watch work-related videos on a weekly basis.
  8. 59% of senior executives prefer to watch a video rather than read a text, even if it is the same content. 54% of them share this work related audiovisual material with colleagues on a weekly basis.
  9. 69% of marketing, sales and business professionals have used video marketing and 31% are planning it. In fact, 93% of marketers already use videos for online marketing, sales and communication.
  10. 96% of B2B companies plan to use video in their content marketing strategy next year.
  11. 52% of marketers believe that video marketing is effective for:
    Brand awareness (52%)
    Lead generation (45%)
    Engagement generation (42%)
  12. The word “video”, included in the subject of the email message, increases the opening rate by 19%, clickthrough rate by 65% ​​and reduces the number of unsubscribed by 26%. If the video is included in the text of the letter, the clickthrough rate increases to 300%.

Video marketing does not work the same for all brands. For this strategy to have a real impact, it must be aligned with your own sales and inbound marketing funnel, as well as with your objectives. In addition, if done correctly, a video can generate many shares and links to your site, which will significantly improve your SEO.

How to create

1.Define your goals and objectives

What do you want to achieve with your videos? With them you may want to drive more traffic to your website, get more views, increase the number of followers, generate conversions, improve your brand image, reach more potential customers or get more sales.

Be that as it may, asking yourself what your objectives are and defining them is essential so that you can design a video marketing strategy that works and guarantees you results.

2.Dedicate time getting to know your audience

How are you going to be able to make videos that your audience will fall in love with if you don’t know who you’re targeting or what needs your ideal client has?

For all these reasons, it is vital that you spend time defining your ideal buyer person or customer profile, and also try to know everything about him: his tastes, needs, challenges and concerns. The more you know your potential clients, the better you can connect with them and offer what they need thanks to video marketing.

3.Create a realistic budget and choose the type of video

Once you know what you want to achieve and who you are targeting, it is time to decide what types of videos you are going to include in your strategy. There are many ways, depending on what you want to transmit; For example, you can make corporate videos to improve your brand image, video testimonials to show your audience what your customers are saying about your products, or video tutorials to explain how a particular product or service works.

Your budget will largely determine the type of video to be made: animation, with stock images, type of tutorial with personnel from your company or more professional with actors and shooting on location. But the economic should not be the only factor that motivates him to make this decision. Always keep your buyer persona in mind and ask yourself which format is going to get their attention the most.

4.Use the power of storytelling

Now you have to develop an effective script and show the strength of storytelling.
Think about Coca-Cola. When have they tried to sell you their products by mentioning the bubbles, the color of their soft drinks or the resistance of their different containers? NEVER.
Because the brand is committed to not talking about its product and instead telling a good story. That is the art of telling a good story to connect with your audience.
When your customers buy your product or service, what they are really buying is the emotion that makes them feel.

5.Distribution plan

Prepare a good distribution plan, have your buyers look at it and be prepared to measure the results.
Use every possible channel, and it’s not just YouTube. It is true that YouTube is the third most visited page in the world, but did you know that the second is Facebook and that the last rewards companies that share native videos from the social network? The same goes for other networks like Twitter with Periscope, Instagram with Instagram Stories or Snapchat for just a few examples.
So, do a good job of researching what platforms your customers are in and have a presence on them by sharing your videos on YouTube, but also on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook.

6.Add value, innovate and use humor

Every day millions of videos circulate on the Internet so you have to strive to be different in order to stand out from the rest and that is achieved by adding value, innovating and why not using humor.

7.Add a good call to action to your videos

Never post or share a video without first adding a good call to action; that is, a word, phrase or button that invites users to take a certain action that you have previously defined based on the objectives you want to achieve: visit the blog, comment, share on the networks, subscribe or any other action.

If you have a brand, product or service and need to boost your sales, it may be the right time to invest in a video marketing campaign.

Click on the link, if your company needs a video marketing in Barcelona.

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27Jan 20
Social Media Content Production For General Electric
Social media content production for General Electric

Tag: Video marketing for social media Barcelona

We were very happy to assist New York based production company VaynerMedia in their project, to produce content for social media as a marketing strategy, for American digital industrial company General Electric.

The project consists of a series of content to show digital audiences that production of General Electric in Europe, raising brand awareness on their social media channels and explaining how the company is investing in renewal clean energy.

We produced video content in vertical format for IGTV, Instagram stories and posts, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. As well as, shooting included drone shots and B-roll footage of the factory, showing the working process. Our video production crew used full HD cameras to record content for social media.

Click on the link, if your company needs a video marketing for social media Barcelona.

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24Jan 20
Video Production For Velcro
Video production for Velcro

Tag: Video production services Barcelona

MODE MEDIA offered video production services to Velcro, company, that produces fasteners and other products, in order to record an interview as a part of a documentary film for German production company. The filming took place in Velcro factory.

Our crew recorded the interview with a multi-camera in HD, as well as using the wireless sound system and led lighting. The filming lasted 5 hours. Video includes b-role shots of the different products of the factory.

Follow the link, to request our video production services in Barcelona.

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16Jan 20
Audiovisual Services Mobile World Congress 2020
Audiovisual Services Mobile World Congress 2020

Tag: Corporate video for congress Barcelona

The biggest event is coming back soon – Mobile World Congress (MWC) is the world’s largest exhibition for the mobile industry, brings together the latest innovations and technologies, which takes place every year in Barcelona. This year the event runs from 24-27 February, 2020.

MODE MEDIA camera crew is getting ready to offer our video and photography production services for participating companies and brands, which we have been offering for more than 10 years to the companies such as Huawei, Appsee, Tanla, Etisalat, M800,  ClickSoftware and many others.

Our camera crew consists of bilingual professionals as camera operators, video editors, directors of photography, assistants, producers, sound technicians.

We can offer you: photography and video coverage of your event; interview filming in 4K; multi-camera filming and streaming; video & photo reportage; conference filming & presentations. Using the best of latest technologies in audiovisual production market helps us produce high resolution content which you can use as well for further publishing on social media.

We can also provide the client with the edited video on the same day of shooting.

Follow the link, to hire our services at MWC 2020 corporate video for congress Barcelona.

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10Jan 20
Special Day With ADDC’s Design Conference
Special day with ADDC’s Design Conference

Tag: Conference service Barcelona

For the second time, we were offering audiovisual coverage for the ADDC event. This event presents conferences about app designers and developers around the world, work side by side every day to build some of the most incredible and innovative applications.

This is the opportunity for app designers and developers to work together and to create a collaborative space.

Here, our mission was to record all of speakers presentations during two days with two high definition video cameras. Because we collaborated with this client last year, (here you can watch the project) we filmed for a second edition. Our production services integrate the sound, high quality image and for this project we following the style of “Ted talks videos”.

Now, we make an editing with the best form to enjoy expertise of design’s audience.

The video will soon be available on our website as well as on that of our clients.

Contact us if you are interested in our conference’s services production.

Job Title
Agencia Producción Audiovisual
Carrer de Zamora 46, 7-3,
Barcelona, Cataluña, 08005
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07Jan 20
Video Production TSP Challenge #2
Video Production TSP Challenge #2

Tag: Promotional video production for brands Barcelona

Recently we produced a second TSP challenge promotional video for TotalSafePack, company that provide safe, reliable packaging for glass bottles. Here you can watch previous TSP Challenge #1. The idea for TSPChallenge is to show the durability and quality of their product.

This time the filming for second challenge of promotional video took place in gym and invited professional boxer used packaging with bottles of wine inside instead of a punching bag.

Soon you will be able to check out the quality of the packaging in our video. Which will also be distributed on the company´s social media platforms.

Follow the link if your brand is looking for promotional video production in Barcelona.

Video Production TSP Challenge #2
Article Name
Video Production TSP Challenge #2
Production of a promotional video TSP Challenge #2 for TotalSafePack client in Barcelona, shows their reliable packaging for glass bottles.
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