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02Jun 18

Tag: Video for companies Barcelona

What you should know making a promotional video of your company for present or potential customers.

To prepare a budget, we need to know two things: the time and resources needed for the project.

Technical and human resources: all the professionals and camera material, sound, editing, all this is necessary to realize the idea that client has in mind.

Time: The days needed to produce a video varies based on the number of locations where it must be filmed, the complexity or any condition derived from the availability of equipment, locations or technical, artistic or customer representation.

To make a disaggregated budget, it is first necessary to carry out a production design, where all the necessary resources for production and the estimated time for its execution are verified.

In order to make this production design it is necessary that the client send us a detailed description of how the video you want. It could be even a draft. We can help you develop the script to connect effectively with your audiences.

Information to send:

  • Company‘s  name, a person in charge’s contact, company’s  web, etc.
  • Desired filming dates, deadline for delivery.
  • Estimated duration of the desired video.
  • Video broadcast channel: for web, social networks, etc. knowing the main channel of exposure allows us to adapt the language to it.
  • Audiences: what type of viewer this video is directed to. This will help us make decisions during the development of the script and the subsequent production design.
  • Locations: where to shoot, specify city and description of the space (e.g., commercial, company offices, a park or public avenue …)
  • Video description: tell us what you see in the video from beginning to end.
  • If you want music, a speaker, or credits.
  • Send reference videos similar to what you want for your company.
  • Indicate what is the maximum budget that you have available. This figure helps us to make decisions when choosing resources and design that adapts to your expectations and possibilities.
  • Date of the event: days and times.
  • Description of service: video highlight, photo report, interviews, filming of full lectures.

Contact us if you are in search of audiovisual production agency for your project or an event. 

See an example of corporate video we have done.

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28May 18

Tag: Live video streaming services Barcelona

MODE MEDIA streams high quality live coverage directly on your website or social media. We send the signal to your livestream platform and the coverage is seamlessly distributed to your audience.

You will distribute reliable and high quality web streaming. You can also include graphics and highlights in real time and interact with your viewers through comments and polls. We also provide metrics for you to know how much interest your event generated. You can display ads from your sponsors to increase your ROI with targeted advertisements during your live video streaming.

Live Video Streaming Services in Barcelona

Follow the link if you want to hire our video streaming services.

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10May 18

Tag: Photo production company Barcelona

We have the pleasure to announce our partnership with the Brazilian stills and motion production house 1500Brasil.

Our Brazilian partners have extensive experience working for the biggest brands and magazines for over twenty years. From our offices in Rio De Janeiro we can offer you advertising campaign with the best of Brazil’s unique natural landscapes. 

Does your company needs photo production company in Barcelona?

Take a look at an example of advertising photography production made in Brazil.

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12Apr 18

Tag: Influencer marketing Barcelona

MODE MEDIA expands its offers by implementing influencer marketing services.

We will be able to hire influencers to promote your brand and products to the audience. You will also receive statistics and a follow up during and after the campaign.

By using our services you will save time and money because there is no intermediary during all communications allowing us to reduce the cost of your campaigns with faster and more efficient communication.

Influencer marketing will:

  • Increase your sales reaching a selected consumers.
  • Improve your brand awareness
  • Increase traffic towards your website
  • Increase your online presence

You will be able to choose from a wide range of influencers communicating in the following areas:

  • Fashion
  • Sports
  • Food
  • Lifestyle
  • Technology
  • Art
  • Science

Reach your target via the most famous and used platforms: Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter.

Contact us if you are interested in influencer marketing services.

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27Mar 18

Tag: Fashion photography Barcelona

Our photography services were required by the fashion outlet Privalia. MODE MEDIA handled the whole photo production with their makeup artists, stylists, and production team working closely with Privalia´s marketing & communication team in order to be in line with Privalia’s strategy to promote their new collection.

The editorial showed stylish modern women doing everyday-activities. The shooting took place in three different locations in Barcelona within one day. The photos were delivered in one week. 

Contact us, if you are running a clothing brand or design company and you need a production team in Barcelona.

Follow the link, if you want to see more fashion projects.

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21Mar 18

Tag: Motion graphics production Barcelona

MODE MEDIA keeps going further in terms of aesthetic rendering and cutting edge animation technology.
Get a glimpse of it with these few projects done in motion graphics by our team.
For these animations, most of the scenes and objects were constructed out of various materials. Then were filmed and 3D characters were incorporated.

This motion graphics video has been made for the Chilean government.
Imagine Chile is a program inviting to imagine a better country, innovating and changing the way of doing things.

These two videos have been made for the American food and recipes brand Betty Crocker´s Fun da middles cupcakes.

Project done for PepsiCo´s Dale cookies.

This was made for the Energizer Ultimate Lithium Batteries, the world’s longest-lasting batteries in high-tech devices.

This campaign is for the awareness of autism, in collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger. This story combines motion graphics with traditional film techniques and tells the personal experience of Tommy Hilfiger with this disease.

You can leave your request, if your company is in search of motion graphics technology.

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17Mar 18

Tag: Record video conference company Barcelona

During the World Mobile Congress 2018, our production agency was hired by several companies to document their program along the course of the week.

The first company that approach us was APPSEEan Israeli company that provide an app analytics platform which gives an analysis of users behavior. MODE MEDIA was to give video coverage for interviews providing camera equipment, lighting, sound technician, camera operator, director of photography for 19 live interviews to be done in one day. 

MODE MEDIA was approached by Karix, an Indian company that has the world largest mobile engagement platform and communication provider. MODE MEDIA captured photos to have promotional material for their website, social media, raise awareness about their brand and be known within the world mobile congress community.

The last company that required our production services was RCR Wireless News, an American company that delivers mobile operator news, and analysis to the technology industry. We made audiovisual coverage of their news platform specialising in technology. For this project we filmed the interviews of clients and the surround environment. We provided all the equipment and professionals to handle all the camera work, once the filming was done, we handed the clips to RCR Wireless News for their video editing team.

Contact us if you are looking company to record video conference in Barcelona.

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MODE MEDIA company was contacted by World Mobile Congress 2018, Barcelona, to record video conference. Audiovisual production, interviewing and photography.
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22Jan 18

Tag: Documentary film production Barcelona

camera operator hold film camera

After having collaborated in the production of the documentary “Exposing imperialism“, MODE MEDIA continues with the production of a couple of documentary short film projects.

In February the pre-production of the documentary short film DESAHUCIADO begins. This journalistic report documents the social impact caused by the wave of evictions that emerged as a result of the economic crisis 10 years ago.

The report tries to give voice to all the parties involved in an eviction, (Banking entities, evicted owners, social services, foreclosing executors, police bodies and civil organizations such as the PAH), with the intention of being able to clarify how the role played by each of the parties and the social economic framework in which it occurs.

MODE MEDIA is currently looking for audiovisual professionals with an interest in the social field to join the project who respond to the following profiles: Producer and journalist.


Profile: Audiovisual producer for participation in documentary and commercial projects.

Work area: Work in coordination with executive producer. Production support during production and preproduction. Design and implementation of distribution plan. Sale and dissemination of content. Contact the different existing broadcasting platforms to try to sell or disseminate the newspaper reportage: press, festivals, TV channels, online magazines, newspapers, etc.

It is offered: credits in documentary project. In case of generating profit, remuneration is offered. Possibility of participating in future documentary and commercial projects produced by MODE MEDIA.

Interested? Please send an email to [email protected] indicating the subject “DOCUMENTARY REPORTING PRODUCER“, Attaching CV, attach links to samples of long or short documentary works, as well as any circumstance that you consider relevant to the development of this project.


Profile: Journalist or student of journalism with interest in social issues. Availability of part-time, the working time slot can always be adjusted within the established times for script development (preproduction). Knowledge of documentary script is a plus. Resident in Barcelona or with the possibility of traveling in a timely manner.

Work area: Support tasks and journalistic research, writing interviews and contact sources. Possible interviewer tasks off camera in filming set. Possible participation in the development of the documentary script if knowledge is available.

It is offered: credits in journalistic documentary report project produced by MODE MEDIA. In case of generating profit, remuneration is offered. Possibility of participating in future documentary projects.

Interested? Please send an email to [email protected] with subject “DOCUMENTARY REPORTATION JOURNALIST“, Attaching CV, attach links to samples of works related to the journalistic facet (not exclusively audiovisual), as well as any circumstance that you consider relevant to the development of this project.

Leave your request for documentary film production in Barcelona.

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15Jan 18

Tag: Video production services Barcelona

Production company MODE MEDIA was chosen to provide promotional videos for Shambala Gatherings Yoga retreat, in Skinnskatteberg, Sweden. The goal was to increase popularity of Shambala Gathering to their travel & yoga audience on Instagram and official website.

Through the video series distributed on social media, the marketing department of Shambala wanted to promote the creation of a new kirtan singing event, all their yoga courses, their dancing sessions and show of the beauty of the nature surrounding the retreat to recruit more visitors for summer season.

If you are looking for a production company for your promotion, we can offer the whole coverage of photography and video reportages.

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Production services provided to Shambala Gatherings in Sweden by video production services company MODE MEDIA with offices in Barcelona.
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