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Audiovisual production services

MODE MEDIA offers its audiovisual production services for more then ten years to large companies such as Huawei, National Geographic, Colgate or Amnesty (know our clients).

The team
Our production company offers audiovisual services to television channels and other national and international production companies.

  • Bilingual Directors, camera operators, Directors of photography.
  • Photographers, assistants.
  • Producers, sound technicians, makeup artists, directors.

Hire crew members for your shooting

Full production services
For all our clients we offer a comprehensive production service that ranges from the development of the idea, design of the format, script, casting, locations, rental of equipment, to post-production of video and photography.

Mastering audiovisual language 
During these years we have produced:

The production of all the audiovisual formats produced, have had in common a single objective: to work every detail of the image and sound, to connect with the target audience, communicating in an effective way the brand values.

Lighting, sound, music is part of a broader process where each technical and artistic decision helps to shape the message. The conception of the idea, the design of the format, the development of the script (storytelling) play a important role.

For many years we have met with CEOs, marketing directors, communication departments of companies to help them sell their service or product. Sometimes from the same conception of the video, other times collecting all the information and synthesising it in a short message, ready to be distributed in Social Media (Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, etc.).

Social networks
The study of the transformation of communication channels and the evolution of the audiovisual language itself (video and photography), has led us to specialise in social media communication.

Click on the link to learn about our Branded content service for social media.

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