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15Mar 21
Grow branded content

Last February, the Madrid-based communication agency Grow hired the services of our production company for the filming of a series of branded content videos about different diseases such as SIDA that the agency carries out for one of its clients, a pharmaceutical company.

Grow You need a production company to provide you with professionals to complement your team of technicians from the capital. We provide camera operators, sound technicians, 4k film cameras, and lighting equipment.

The editing of the videos will be the responsibility of the agency, which receives all the recorded material on the same day of filming.
If your company or agency needs support from a local production company in Barcelona, ​​we put at your disposal our team of professionals, teams and we also help you with the conception and development of the project when necessary.

Click here to hire our “production company services” in Barcelona

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10Mar 21
Live session Edson Gues

On March 2nd we were producing 3 video clips for the Peruvian artist “Edson Gues”.
MODE MEDIA in its commitment to new musical talents, offers its video clip production services at affordable prices for these young artists.
On this occasion, 3 songs were recorded in the same afternoon. The Ep “myself” by the artist Edson Gues, in which the artist has been working in collaboration with the music producer Gianfranco Muñoz alias Livegian.

The project has been directed by director Georgie Uris, who decided to make the 3 video clips by means of a sequence shot creating the encrypted format.

live footage shot sequence. Filming took about 4 hours. time during which a rap song, a trap and a danced hall were recorded.
For the recording we have the participation of two other local artists, the dancers Montse and Nuria want to perform a choreography for the theme in which they participate.
The budget for this shoot is € 500, as it is a simple concept.
Filming took place at the Akasha Hub facilities.
This week we are editing the topics that we hope to share with you soon.
If you are an artist or music @ and you are considering recording video clips of any of your songs, get in touch with us to request a quote.

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05Mar 21
Bruguer academy, video tutorials

The new Bruguer Academy video tutorials will air soon. It is a series of branded content videos designed by the Houser & houser Digital Marketing Agency for the Bruguer paint brand.

MODE MEDIA has been hired by Houser & Houser to design the video formats for later dissemination on the brand’s facebook and instagram channels.

Burger Academy is Bruguer’s commitment to connect with its consumers by offering a series of tutorial videos that show how to recycle old furniture to give it a second life, using the wide range of the brand’s products.

As part of the production process, a fixed filming set (two full hd cameras, lighting kit, tie microphones) has been designed and implemented where weekly filming takes place to guarantee regular publications and live streaming videos.

The videos are recorded with two cameras and are edited in a panoramic and square format optimized for broadcast on Facebook and mobile devices.

Contact us here if your brand needs a video tutorial producer for your brand.

If you want to know more about our work, here you can a video interview recording project for the American digital marketing agency Cheetah digital.

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01Mar 21
National Geographic documental “Bebé on demand”

Last February, the director Fini Mazza of the Argentine production company Plataforma contacted us to offer production services for the filming of the documentary Baby on demand that they are producing for National Geographic.

The documentary that is filmed in different countries, required to record some interviews and reports in the city of Barcelona and Valencia.

MODE MEDIA offered the Argentine production company lighting, sound, and camera equipment. As well as camera operator and logistics coordination.

The National Geographic documentary film is being shot in the United States, China, Mexico, Argentina and other countries. We are very proud to have been your partner in Spain for the production of this film entitled “Baby on demand”.

As we did with digital cheetah, we used the same logistics when it came to recording the interview in Barcelona.

If you are a foreign production company and need filming services in Spain, get in touch with us.

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10Feb 21
Production services in Barcelona for Branded Content

Early January Cheetah digital a marketing agency from United States hired our video production services to film a interviews of one of his clients, Emailing Network an email marketing agency.

Cheetah needed a local production company to record interview to the Chief Marketing Officer and CEO. We also film beaty images ( b-rolle) to ilustrate the reportage.

We also provided the video editing services so the client got a final video edited to display on their video blog as part of their branded content. A series of videos where their clients share their growth using their tools.

We offered two camera filming in 4k, sound recording with mic lavalier and boom mic and all lighting equipment.

The filming took place in the premises of Emailing Network and the editing process last about a week and it contain audio voice over of the questions.

If your company is in the need of a similar solution, here you can hire our production services Barcelona.


Here are 3 things you should take into account when recording interviews

Choose the interview space

This is probably one of the most important decisions you will ever make. You want your space to meet these conditions:

Good acoustic conditions: there is a window or door that faces a street, road or rooms with noise you should avoid it. If you are going to visit the space days or hours before the filming, ask those responsible for the activity and noise that occurs during the hours when the recording will take place.

Space lighting: See what the lighting conditions are in your space. Unless your interview is very short in length, you don’t want to do an interview next to a window. because? A window means natural light comes in that can illuminate your interviewee’s face or illuminate the background behind him. The problem with doing interviews is that a cloud can come in and cause the lighting conditions to change during the course of the interview. If you want to heal in health, you will prefer an indoor environment where the only light that illuminates the image is controlled and does not change.

Space environment: Depending on the nature and context of the space, you will decide to do the interview in a public space or in a more reserved space. Two examples:

  1. At the Mobile World Congress we interviewed some clients who spoke about their experience at the event, and alluded to the massive participation. In this case, it is not a problem that people are walking in the background or that a crowd noise is heard in the background.
  1. We recently conducted interviews for a documentary on HIV and interviewed an infected person. During the interview, he shared personal experiences and you can imagine that when you want a person to discuss personal issues, you want to interview him in a space where nobody bothers you and the interviewee feels comfortable.

Deal with the interviewee: Whether you are going to ask the questions or there is a presenter for this purpose, it is important that both of you feel very comfortable on the set because that way you will be more generous in your answers.

For this, be respectful and polite. Have a glass of water handy to offer. Make him feel cared for. As far as possible the chair will be comfortable. Let him talk to the interviewer a little bit before putting the lavalier microphone on him and always apply isopropyl alcohol to the microphone and cable before putting it in contact with his body to comply with COVID19 safety measures.


There are cases where you have to use a specific angle, such as when talking about a very sharp topic and you need to speak directly to the camera, or on the contrary, with a higher and far angle you can create a warm feeling between the interviewee and the interviewer

You just have to bear in mind that during the interview when the camera angle is changed, that the interviewee does not change according to the camera, this can cause the audience a feeling of “disconnection” with the interviewee


Ensuring that the images are well framed and in focus during the interview recording will make the visual material take on a more professional form.

In fact, playing with the plans during the montage of the interview will make the viewer pay more attention in moments where the information revealed is of importance.

Recording the interview outdoors will help reduce lighting and décor problems.


The ideal is to maintain a quiet, calm and neutral environment during the interview recording, this will generate a more fluid environment where the interviewee and the interviewer feel comfortable when formulating the questions.

We must take into account a subject that has a pull and generates hook in the viewer, we must also think about everything that happens in the place during the interview. Above all, do not forget to take good care of the details in the recording space, in this way there will not be a visual disorder

It is important that you speak with an appropriate tone of voice, as well as a good pronunciation.

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04Jan 21
Business Presentation Videos for Companies in Barcelona

Last December we carried out a commission for the Akasha Hub organization.

Akasha Hub has a marvelous coworking space in the Clot district where it supports NGOs focusing on ecological causes with its own vision on governance, technology and connecting communities.

Akasha contacted us with the need to create a short one-minute video to distribute on social networks that would serve to give a brief explanation to people who visit their facilities or website about the nature of their activity.

The work was developed in coordination with those responsible for communication of this organization. The production process took about a week between meetings, format design, content selection (archive material in the hands of the company was used entirely) and video editing.

Once edited all the videos are supervised by the client to make any necessary modifications.

If you have a company, brand or startup, it is very important to have a video presentation that in a few seconds informs potential clients of the solutions that your service or product can offer.

 Get in contact with us here if you need us to help you in preparing a “company presentation video”.

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28Dec 20
Video Streaming Services For Television, Barcelona
Video Streaming Services for Television, Barcelona

On December 10, MODE MEDIA was providing audiovisual services for the Hispano-German production company Bonita World Productions, which was in charge of offering all the audiovisual infrastructure for the annual Gala to raise funds in the fight against Leukemia that the Josep Carreras Foundation organises in conjunction with the German television channel SAT.

A live television program was produced from Germany. Due to the Covid-19 situation, the artist Josep Carreras could not travel to Germany like every year.

To count on their participation, a television set was prepared in the auditorium of the Josep Carreras foundation.

Bonita World provided a translation booth, and all the professional video and photography infrastructure: set cameras in full hd, lighting, wireless shotgun and tie microphones, sound table, intercom equipment, including a streaming video service that allowed sending two independent signals of video in Full HD to the unit of recording in direct of the program in Germany.

Using a streaming technology similar to that used to carry out programs between several countries such as Eurovision.

On this occasion, MODE MEDIA was working with its Bonitaworld Partners to guarantee all the visuals. We are in charge of the lighting design and the camera work to guarantee a professional image according to the needs of the German production.

On this occasion, the MODE MEDIA – BONITAWORLD also provided a team of professionals with more than 15 years of experience in conducting live streaming events, responsible for events such as the Grammy Awards.

If you are a television channel or need professional services for live video streaming services, please contact us.

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02Oct 20

Does your business need to efficiently communicate using video?

In recent years you will have listened to marketing and communication professionals talking about the most popular medium of video content online.

The reasoning is unanimous and backed up with data. Brands are utilising video to communicate with their consumers and its popularity is only going to increase.

Advantages of Video

The culture of consumption is changing, us users consume more information in less time and we are doing it in a frenzied, impulsive and anxious manner.

Videos have the ability to enter the eye, establish emotional connections and ultimately provoke impulses, behavioural changes or a call to action (to buy).

But video not only sells, it is a valuable tool to communicate and educate. It could be said that there is a video for each purpose: promotional video, corporate video, video tutoring, video conferences, interviews, brand content, live streaming video, product and project presentations, etc. Video is just the form and it will fit pretty much any content you can imagine. What is video for then? For almost everything.

This (audiovisual) language, once designed, needs to be produced by an audiovisual production company that is in charge of filming and editing it.

Usually involved in this equation: the brand communication department + advertising agency + audiovisual production company.

Sometimes, not everything works out.

When your brand or company decides to communicate through video, the form is as important as the content. On many occasions, the brand will contract the services of a communication or advertising agency to design the message and this in turn hires an audiovisual production company to produce a video that transmits the message that the agency designed with the information received from the brand.

Sometimes it happens that a vital part of the video design and production process remains in “no man’s land” and the brand’s investment is not as fruitful as it would have been desired.

Let me illustrate it with an example.

A brand like La Caixa wants to attract customers on social networks (instagram) and for this it hires agency X, which designs an advertising campaign exactly like those designed for television commercials. Nobody notices that the profile that the agency has of the TV viewer (and their behaviour) is totally different from the behaviour of a user on a social network like Instagram.

Thus, agency X designs a television advertising campaign to distribute on Instagram.


They produce a horizontal video to later be viewed on vertical devices, making the image small for all those who do not bother to turn their phone for your brand video.

In social networks, videos are created by users with their cameras and mobile phones, their language is more spontaneous and the image is not as produced as the content on television.

In social networks, a brand must speak the same language as the users with whom it wants to connect and mimic their behavior with these communities that have not come to the social network to buy (although later I can buy something), they go to the social network to connect with people who add value to us.

In this game of social networks, the role models are the influencers and the brands should aspire to be the influence of their consumers and not a commercial department.

Putting an advertisement for television on a social network is a fundamental misunderstanding of the potential of these platforms.

We all recognize a television commercial when we see it because it tells us that it is time to go to the bathroom or to the kitchen.

Continuing with our example, agency X continues with the campaign and hires a reputable production company to produce a high-quality video at a very high cost (easily over € 300,000).

Agency and production company use the best cameras and equipment, the best professionals, they bring a DOP (director of photography) from another country to have a high-level cinematographic finish. After weeks of post-production of the highest level where the image is subjected to an exquisite color treatment, the video is finished and a copy is sent to the agency so that it can proceed with the distribution of the campaign.

Now for the good.

Everyone at the agency is very busy so they delegate to the intern or “the new one” the task of taking the video sent by the production company and publishing it on the client’s social networks, incorporating it into Facebook campaigns and google ads, etc.

With this idea in mind, this intern realizes that the video sent by the production company has a lot of quality and is heavy (it is a file with too many megabytes). After consulting with a colleague and watching a video on YouTube, he uses the tools he finds and makes a copy of the video by compressing the information (usually it will lower the bitrate more than necessary). Now he has a lighter video and publishes it on networks and ads.

The result?

Now we see a video that has been worth € 300,000, shot in cinema by the best professionals with the appearance of having been filmed with an iPhone 0. Crushed by an unqualified professional before seeing the light. Just before being published, it is converted into a low quality copy, pixelated and sometimes with a distorted aspect ratio.

Why? Because the last professional involved in the process found it necessary to manipulate video content without having specialized knowledge (aspect ratio, video Bitrate, codecs, resolutions). In a small agency it can be understood but in an agency with resources, this is not acceptable.

Conclusion: The brand has made an outlay for a campaign that fails in its content and form. Using a language designed for a broadcast channel (television commercial) different from the one that will be used for its broadcast (online, social networks). Let us remember that in the networks users look for valuable content.

It fails in its form because the result is a low quality video (due to the last manipulation carried out in the agency) and with an aspect ratio (panoramic horizontal) that does not understand the verticality of mobile devices where the video will finally be seen.

At the end of the day

The production company did an excellent job following the directions of the agency.

The agency fellow was unaware of the implications of his manipulation.

The brand delegated the entire process to the agency.

And the advertising agency has lost an opportunity to position itself against its competitors as an agency for content for social networks.

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18Sep 20
Streaming Service In Barcelona For Pascual Maragall Foundation
Streaming service in Barcelona for Pascual Maragall Foundation

We have recently offered a streaming video service in Barcelona for the conferences that the Pascual Maragall Foundation is broadcasting on its YouTube channel to provide information on Alzheimer’s disease.

On September 15, 2020, at the foundation’s facilities in Barcelona, ​​a two-camera interview was filmed between a journalist Francesc Soler and the notary and legal expert Alberto Domingo, with the participation of Sandra Poudevida, an Alzheimer’s therapist who participated from her home for videoconference using skype.

The multi-camera performance broadcast the image of the two cameras, plus the therapist’s webcam, through the direct internet connection to the YouTube channel, as well as the incorporation of credits and questions that people who followed the event sent from their mobile devices and computers.

Currently due to the capacity restrictions that must be kept for security reasons to prevent COVID19, the video streaming service is a solution for many brands and companies that do not want to cancel the events that they had scheduled for this 2020 and thus be able to stay in touch with your community of customers, partners or users.

This professional video transmission service allows you to broadcast interviews, virtual congresses, conferences, music concerts, events, video conferences, live presentations to the YouTube channel, Facebook as well as other social networks that have transmission functions enabled. The realizations allow to emit signals from several cameras in full HD, incorporate images (logos), audios, videos to accompany the presentations of the speakers, texts with the questions of the people who follow the broadcast.

This service can be combined with video conference services such as Zoom, Skype, and the like in order to offer a more professional signal that combines different video signals, very useful in making presentations (powerpoints, slides, videos, photos, audios).

Take advantage of the streaming service to connect with those outside of Barcelona or who cannot physically travel to your event. Contact us to prepare your streaming services

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09Sep 20
Interviews Video Recording  Service In Barcelona
Interviews video recording service in Barcelona

Phil Rossi from Paddle Tv a production company based in Michigan was in the need of a Barcelona based video production company to record interviews for a promotional video for one of his clients. He gave us a briefing of the video and a list of questions to perform during the interview. The interview was recorded in the headquarters of Altair in Barcelona. It was recorded in 4k with 2 cameras. All footage was sent on the Day after the shooting via Dropbox for the video editing to be carried in Michigan.

If you are in the need of a video production company based in Barcelona or Spain to assist you with the production of your corporal or promotional video do not hesitate to contact us for video recording services.

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