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Stop motion video, two cupcakes talking at a salon


Tag: Motion graphics production Barcelona

MODE MEDIA continues to go further in terms of aesthetic representation and technological vanguard of animation.
We leave here some samples of projects made in motion graphics.
For these animations, scenes and objects of different materials are built, and then was made post-production of the characters in 3D.
Some videos also include other animation and stop motion techniques.

Chilean Goverment Imagina Chile from MODE on Vimeo.

This motion graphics video was made for the Government of Chile.
Imagina Chile is a program that invites you to imagine a better and more innovative country, changing the way you do the things.

Fun Da-Middles Surgery from MODE on Vimeo.

Fun Da Middles from MODE on Vimeo.

These two videos have been made for “Cupcakes Fun da middle” of the American brand Betty Crocker.

Dale Vuelta Clases from MODE on Vimeo.

Another project made for PepsiCo’s “Dale cookies”.

Energizer Camara from MODE on Vimeo.

Campaign carried out for “Energizer Ultimate Lithium” batteries, the world’s longest lasting batteries in high-tech devices.

Ad Council Tommy Hilfiger from MODE on Vimeo.

Video campaign to raise awareness about autisms, carried out in collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger. This story that combines motion graphics with traditional filming techniques such as the use of models, tells Tommy Hilfiger’s personal experience with this disease.

Leave you request here, if your company or brand needs animation video.

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