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Backwards cardigans

One of the advantages in this profession, is to come into contact with artists, artisans, technicians and designers, people with a talent and devotion to what they do. This experience could be applied to some of the video productions we’ve done to date.

Today we present one of the promotional videos  made for a Portuguese designer taking her first steps into the world of textile design. A big challenge taken, given the times for small and medium businesses. Daniela Luz designes the clothes not on paper but playing with natural forms fabric takes falling on the mannequin.

We wish all the best to Daniela and her team in their career. Hope you never lose energy and motivation with which you started the project. The future is yet to be done and their “cardigans” to be sold.
Here you have a copy of the video realised by MODE MEDIA to promote the product.
More info soon on the official website of BOA ARTISANS

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