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Practical guide for brands and companies need to communicate through their website and social networks.

Choose a platform:
The first thing is to identify the priorities. Be clear where the audiences with which you want to communicate are:

Official Website of the company;

It is not about giving up on spreading the videos or photographs on any of the platforms. The goal is to know where your main marketplace is, so you can design your message to the most relevant platform. It is utopian to choose a format that is designed for Instagram on Youtube, it first needs to be adapted.

The format of the video:
Once the platform is chosen, the right video format will be selected. We work with established formats adapted to the main social networks, which are the results of the experience accumulated in the productions with our clients.

We want to make a video campaign for our website / Facebook / Instagram / Youtube, what are we doing?

Identify your company: name, address.
Dates: in which you need to launch the campaign.
Main communicative objectives: Prepare a briefing, presentation or document stating what you wish to communicate to your consumers / potential clients.
Be brief, do not try to say everything, focus on 2 or 3 basic points of identification.
E.g.: We want our customers to know that: Our products are handmade, manufactured only with biodegradable materials and produced in Spain.

Script or detailed description: If you have clear ideas, write a script or description of everything what will be in the video. Structure the information so that the message is understood correctly. It does not require a professional format, the important thing is that you describe everything you want to show in the video.
E.g.: At the beginning of the video we want to see a sequence of images where you can see a group of young people walking through a park eating our ice cream.
We see them taking ice cream inside a boat.
Then we see them entering the ice cream shop to ask for more.

Reference videos: A company that takes its communication seriously, usually takes a look at how companies which sell the same service or product communicate. We recommend to invest time looking for videos from companies in the same sector or from other sectors that resemble in style and content what is wished to do.
E.g.: It can provide videos of companies that sell the same product so that we know exactly what needs to be communicated. And at the same time send references of videos of other products which are totally different but have a visual style or structure the information in an appropriate form. Attach the links and send them when making inquiries.

Desired budget: The first is what you would ideally like to invest. The maximum budget is the ceiling of expenditure that the company or brand can invest.
This information is useful to know if the cost of our services fits the expectations of the brand and to have an idea of ​​the type of production in which you want to invest.

Free advice: Once a company has contacted us with the aforementioned information, we send you a quote and a sample of our work.

If the potential client likes our line of work, the budget fits in our calculation and he/she wants to hire our services, then we arrange a meeting to gather all the needs of our client and advise on how to communicate it in the most effective way, implementing it in the design of the video or photography.

Audiovisual consultation

For companies that still do not have it clear, we also carry out consultations at home.

Inquiries at home: We also conduct consultations on audiovisual advice at home for those companies that wish to advise us on how to project their online video or photography campaigns before choosing a provider. The session are individual and their cost varies based on the hours contracted.

Once the company has contracted our services, we collect all the necessary information and develop the script with all the summarized information, structured in the most suitable way for the channel. We will create a technical script (picture script). The following thing is to obtain all the necessary elements for the day/s of shooting: actors, locations, availability of company employees, technicians, and a date for the shooting/s.

Depending on the type of production, we coordinate with the client to shoot in or outside their facilities depending on the wishes of the client.

Postproduction (video editing)
Once filmed, the project takes two weeks on average to be edited and be ready for the client to review.
At this moment the client receives a copy of the final video with a time code so that he can identify in it any thing he wishes to change.

Once a list with desired modifications is received, a second edition is carried out at no additional cost and the video will be delivered to the client with a watermark, which is withdrawn once the service has been fully paid.

After this time filming or additional reissue sessions can be requested with prior approval of the budget to cover the expenses.

Follow the link if your company or brand needs to produce a video for social media.

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