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We are glad to announce you that MODE MEDIA has become a partner of Summer Acoustic. The music festival which will take place from the 18th to the 31st of July 2016 in different venues of Barcelona.

MODE MEDIA will participate in workshop that will take place in parallel with the festival. We have been invited to give a workshop about the importance of having an artist image and as part of the workshop, we will do some photo shooting to the attendees.

To meet us and have the opportunity of a photo shooting, here is our schedule:

Thursday 21: THE IMAGE OF AN ARTIST of 15.00 to 18:00

Introduction: We will speak about the importance of designing an artistic image and see some practical cases.
– Separating the artistic image.
Workshop of image of the artist: theoretical – practical Workshop in order that the attendees design their own image in group or to individual level.
Organization of meetings photos: Distribution of schedules, locations, and necessary resources.
– The first meetings of photos.

The session of July 22, is merely practical and in it, only the groups and artists who were present in first session of July 21.

Friday 22: SESSION OF PHOTOS 12:00-15.00

Session of photos for artists and bands of music that have taken part in the session organized the Thursday of July 21.

In the session of the Thursday 21, shifts will be organized for the meetings photos of the 22nd. The artists will only have to appear at the hour that was assigned to them in advance.

Send us a request, if your musical band needs a photoshoot.

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Audiovisual Production Company MODE MEDIA is participating in the the music festival and offering professional photography services to the participants.
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