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What you should know making a promotional video of your company for present or potential customers.

To prepare a budget, we need to know two things: the time and resources needed for the project.

Technical and human resources: all the professionals and camera material, sound, editing, all this is necessary to realize the idea that client has in mind.

Time: The days needed to produce a video varies based on the number of locations where it must be filmed, the complexity or any condition derived from the availability of equipment, locations or technical, artistic or customer representation.

To make a disaggregated budget, it is first necessary to carry out a production design, where all the necessary resources for production and the estimated time for its execution are verified.

In order to make this production design it is necessary that the client send us a detailed description of how the video you want. It could be even a draft. We can help you develop the script to connect effectively with your audiences.

Information to send:

  • Company‘s  name, a person in charge’s contact, company’s  web, etc.
  • Desired filming dates, deadline for delivery.
  • Estimated duration of the desired video.
  • Video broadcast channel: for web, social networks, etc. knowing the main channel of exposure allows us to adapt the language to it.
  • Audiences: what type of viewer this video is directed to. This will help us make decisions during the development of the script and the subsequent production design.
  • Locations: where to shoot, specify city and description of the space (e.g., commercial, company offices, a park or public avenue …)
  • Video description: tell us what you see in the video from beginning to end.
  • If you want music, a speaker, or credits.
  • Send reference videos similar to what you want for your company.
  • Indicate what is the maximum budget that you have available. This figure helps us to make decisions when choosing resources and design that adapts to your expectations and possibilities.
  • Date of the event: days and times.
  • Description of service: video highlight, photo report, interviews, filming of full lectures.

Contact us if you are in search of audiovisual production agency for your project or an event. 

See an example of corporate video we have done.

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