Service: Video production services
Client: Triptease
Date and location: Barcelona October,18th &19th 2017.
Duration: 2 days of shooting. Delivey of final video one week after shooting.
Description: Tiptease is a Direct booking platform designed just for hotels. In October they organised their booking summit in Barcelona where for two days different profesional and specialist share their knowledge and experience in the hotels and tourism business. They selected MODE MEDIA to provided a photo coverage of their event , to use the resulting photography for their communication and marketing actions. Additionally we offer one of our best camera operator to record a highlights video of their event, for the company to use in their promotion of their future events.
team displaced: one videographer for event highlights, one photographer and two camera operators recording all key speakers. The sound was recorded from the main room sound board.

This highlights video will allow viewer to have a quick idea of all the activities that took place during our client event.
To see the whole coverage of the event, you can check Video production, Photo production


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Triptease highlights video
Triptease highlights video

Triptease request our video production services for the coverage of their Direct Booking summit event celebrated in Barcelona, where provided photography.