Service: Event video production

Client: Sala Apolo

Date and location: 28th January 2017, Sala Apolo Barcelona

Duration: 1 day of shooting, 4 days of postproduction

The MODE MEDIA team has realised a series of music video clips for the singer Esteban Faro, in the most iconic club of Barcelona, Sala Apolo. Esteban Faro with the support of his band, performed all the evening and MODE MEDIA recorded the special concert.

We made a live sound recording, and a multi camera and photo shooting  with a team of three people.
You can find all videoclips on our Vimeo


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Esteban Faro
Esteban Faro

Event video production for music videos shot in Barcelona in Sala Apolo. The Catalan singer Esteban Faro did a great performance for us and his fans.