Service: Music video production Barcelona
Client: Leslie Helpert & Albert Vila
Date and location: February 2013, Barcelona
Duration: 1 day shooting, 1 day postproduction
First of a series of two music clips filmed for the american singer Leslie Helpert and catalan guitarist Albert Vila Catalan. The two themes belong to their repertoire of Billie Holiday´s songs. They can be seen these days performing at Cafe Bar Alsur, Barcelona.

The recording took place in a restaurant bar wine (Vino Sequeda), where the sound was recorded live by Martin Styblo. Director Georgie Uris did the camera, and made other visual work like scenery. Recorded with two DSLR cameras (Canon 5D Mark II and Canon 5D Mark III). Lenses used: 70-20mm 2.8 Sigma and 24-105mm 4 Canon.


The other video of Leslie Helpert and Albert Vila, it is title “bewitched” and it can be seen here:


Musi video production Barcelona, MODE MEDIA 2013



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Leslie & Albert
Leslie & Albert

Music video production Barcelona. First of a series of two music clips filmed for the singer Leslie Helpert and the guitarist Albert Vila. MODE MEDIA.