Livecam award, is the show that gathers the professionals of the web live cam (models, producers, sponsor ..) for the second year in a row under the direction of Alexandra Georgia, also a web model.
For the second year in a row, it gives us the coverage of the event by a video article that was summarizing the show celebrated in Sitges on Tuesday, the 1st of March.
In the weeks before the event, the client contacted us to remind(agree) the communicative aims of the video. From MODE MEDIA, we always recommend to dedicate a time to develop the communicative strategy in order to make the coverage, video or photography, more effective. In the following days we proceed to the edition of the same one. The times of delivery of a video article of event, like this one, are usually between one and two weeks, though there exists also the possibility of shortening these times if the design of production allows it.


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Livecam Awards 2016
Livecam Awards 2016

Production services Barcelona. Video coverage of the event LIVECAM Awards 2016, summarized video article of the show.