Service: Streaming Services of Conference.

Client: Pascual Maragall Foundation.

Time and Place Barcelona, 2020.

Duration: 1 day of recording, 2 days of editing.

Description: we streamed youtube using two cameras for filming in full HD, a general shot, and a close shot.

In post-production we produced a selection of  4 video capsules of one minute, each taken from the conference to highlight key points of information. The 1 minute video format is ideal for optimising exposure on social media and the inclusion of subtitles made sure that the videos are accessible on public transport (very common when videos are played on smartphone).


Minivideo 1

In this case, the client preferred to keep the subtitles as part of the raw video file, so that it would be visible on all platforms and provided automatically to avoid the inconvenience of selecting the option. However, if they had wanted the inclusion of subtitles, we provide a service whereby the description and translation are embedded and timestamped so that they are not only optimised in the YouTube search engine, but also Google. This is a powerful SEO tool through which, will help to increase traffic to a Youtube channel and ultimately of course websites.


Minivideo 2

The conference, featuring legal expert Albert Domingo, provided a good opportunity to inform everyone about legal scenarios that people suffering with Alzheimer might be encounter.

Here below find samples of the 1 minute video capsules design for social media platforms.


Minivideo 3

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