Service: Videomarketing  Social Media Business

Client: Shambala Gatherings

Time and Place: August 2020

Duration: Una Semana

Description: The client wanted to produce a selection of videos for this digital marketing campaign. The goal was to make the videos suitable for online promotion across the Shambala website, Instagram feed and Facebook page. Furthermore, we took care to optimize the content for Facebook adverts and Instagram TV as well. The goal of this campaign was to specifically target the interests of Yoga instructors and promote Shambala globally as an appealing location to host classes.

In order to achieve this, we optimized the videos for each social media platform. For example, a traditional Facebook aspect ratio will be more square whereas a website will be more rectangular. For example, please see below an example of the content we produced for the Shambala website.


Version for Youtube and Website: Horizontal Format, Full HD 1920×1080 HD


For the videos below, we embedded subtitles to maximize consumer engagement with Facebook adverts particularly in mind. This is because studies show that captioning video content on Facebook can increase view time by 12%, so it’s well worth the effort. For example, your promotional videos will be seen by audiences on Facebook watching without sound on their phones, either on public transport or in quiet areas. To see other examples of our promotional videos for social media, take a look at our work with Mayan Spa.


Version for Facebook: Vertical format, aspect ratio 4:5, 1280x720p HD

However, an important aspect of the social media campaign was showcasing a feature video with an instructor talking about their experience at Shambala. This was a good opportunity to give the viewer first-hand information from their peers about the Shambala experience. For that same reason, we didn’t want to limit ourselves to the traditional Instagram video with a maximum of 1 minute. Therefore, we tailored the content to be released on Instagram TV and customized the aspect ratio in order to optimize it for that purpose.


Version for regular Instagram Feed: Vertical format, aspect ratio 4:5, 1280x720p HD


Version for Instagram TV: Vertical format, aspect ratio of 16:9, 1280x720p HD

If you want to promote your business or product with a customized digital marketing campaign then please feel free to ask about our video content for social media.