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  • June 4, 2019

Tag: Social media agency Barcelona Brewdog has declared "The Punk State", offering free Punk Ipa in 15 European cities. The Scottish company BrewDog wants to invade the European market with the flavour of its Ipa Beers brand "Punk Ipa". The…


  • January 22, 2018

Tag: Documentary film production Barcelona After having collaborated in the production of the documentary "Exposing imperialism", MODE MEDIA continues with the production of a couple of documentary short film projects. In February the pre-production of the documentary short film DESAHUCIADO…


  • May 19, 2016

Tag: Corporate event video production Roberto Capomazza, specialist in hair implantology and practices in Turkey, contacted us through Microfué, cosmetic clinic in Istanbul, to request a video and photography coverage for his corporate event. The reportage of the corporate event has…


  • March 21, 2016

Tag: Event photography Barcelona MODE MEDIA has been asked to photograph the IGAMING meeting along with all their corporate activities, conferences and party. Press here, if you need photography services for conference. Did you like this post? [ratings]

Event Photography Coverage for iGAMING

  • October 30, 2014

Tag: Event photography services Barcelona After a week of the successful concentration of online casinos and games iGAMING, We're ready to present the event photography coverage we cover during the 4 days that the event lasted. The photo production service…

Event photography iGAMING 2014

  • October 22, 2014

Tag: Event photography services Barcelona MODE MEDIA is with the preparations for the event photography iGAMING 2014 held every year in Barcelona. An event in which bookmakers and online games from around the world gather. The coverage photographic will be…

Event Coverage Autoretro 2011

  • October 17, 2014

Tag: Event video production Barcelona MODE MEDIA did an event video prodcution for Autoretro 2011, the 28th edition of the fair which was held in Barcelona. MODE MEDIA covered the event in full display which consisted of all types of…

Video coverage Angustias Hermandad

  • October 16, 2014

Tag: Video production company Finally we got the video coverage Angustias Hermandad, a commercial video that describes the life of this social group devoted to the Catholic religion. This film production service shows from beginning to end the day of the…

Photo Coverage with Neymar

  • September 30, 2014

  Yesterday we were commissioned to make a photo coverage with Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior aka NEYMAR a football superstar in Camp Nou. Our clients Monçoes organised the event for a Brazilian energy company named Heliar. The event photographic coverage…

Let’s Rock HappyLand Festival 2012

  • January 24, 2013

Photography coverage for the HAPPY LAND MUSIC FESTIVAL 2012. Here you can find a great selection of the event photographic coverage barcelona during the last festival in summer 2012 ! This year Happy Land Music Festivals celebrates its 3rd year with…


  • March 21, 2012

This week MODEmedia finished the photo production services for the agency Neokoncept. Within three days MODEMEDIA made a photographic reportage of the conferences and various activities organised by the company.   Did you like this post? [ratings]

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