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Live Music Video

Music video production company MODE MEDIA continues with the post production of a very special project, what makes it so special is this is the first time we attempt to do a live music video with no cuts, just long takes. The video we are about to post is a live recording and recreates the theme “lunch in Timbuktu” by Lalu Lala, sung and played by Tamara Loos and her guitar, the xylophone accompanied by Josh Weitzer. It is a video recorded with a single camera from the start to finish which means that the final shot chosen has to have the best possible execution since you can not make any changes or cuts on it.

This commitment led to many problems due to the setbacks that this approach involved. One of the biggest problems was getting a sea background beaten by the reflection of the moon, as the moon moves faster than you might think and its reflection on the sea disappeared at times in the presence of clouds. Filming on the beach of Barceloneta in a midsummer night with a crowded beach party mood did not facilitated sound pickup, and involved the rare visit of a clueless drunk people wanting to look around.

Time Limitations also came with the ideal position of the moon, who could not be reached as soon 12:00 and at 2:00am the cleaning services of the City of Barcelona was present with their trucks and guns of water. Regarding the sound pickup, the sea water became our greatest enemy, we wanted to shoot near the shore as a matter of shot composition. The sound of the small waves crashing forcefully entered our microphones , sometimes earring as much or more presence than the voice on microphone. To cope with this problem our sound technician Martin Styblo chose to put a lavalier microphone on the singer’s head, hiding under her bangs.
Two days of shooting and many other pre-production days with the a results that will be seen soon.

Meanwhile you have some pictures of the making.

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