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Sequence Shot, is it Worth it?

We present the music video production of Lalu Lala , also known as Lalu. This is a very low cost project made with no budget and with the help and collaboration of a team of professionals. This is a MODE MEDIA production, directed and produced by Georgie Uris .
This was a risky project, involving a host of potential risks because of its nature. It’s a live filming of a single song recorded in a sequence shot. This means that the camera does not stop recording from the beginning of the film to the end, not allowing mixing images of other shots as it usual does in the traditional music videos.
The sound pickup is also direct which give us real difficulties in our attempt to minimize the sound of the ocean waves and  the drunk people  always crowding the beach within those two night of shooting. The direct sound was provided by Martin Styblo who used three microphones to capture sound, one of those microphones being hidden under the hair of singer Tamara Loos.

Sound problems caused by the sea, drunks and other curious who came joined by a collection of visual mishaps we had a limited time available at the beach with the moon in the desired position, since starting from two am the Excellencies City Council of Barcelona , released the cleaning trucks and employees to evacuate everybody. The moon and clouds were also inconvenient fro the shooting since it was important for the director to have the reflection of the moon on the sea to use their flashes unfocussed as background effect, the temporary presence of clouds made impractical the recording. We arranged a very limited lighting equipment for filming, consisting of a LED, which provided the main light for the artist and two torches. The main light was to remain at very low levels to avoid attracting the attention of local police patrol, this forced us to work with very high ISOs.

The contribution of the two torches yet covered a very important role to the sea acclimating and giving relief on the hair of the artist. The choreography designed for the video camera movements included some zoom in and zoom out which was a suicide considering that was to be conducted simultaneously with the movement of camera and lens corrections without puller or “follow focus “.

Despite two days of filming and long preparations we could only make around 10 takes of the song from which we took the final take.The outcome matters but the experience is a treasure.

We hope this to be the beginning of a long friendship with sequence shots.

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