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MODE MEDIA Payment Policy

Tag: Photo and video Production services 

MODE MEDIA Payment Policy

The payment policy specified below is intended only to provide a total guarantee of effective service to customers and gives us the a necessary security to know that MODE media’s team of professionals will be able to deliver high quality services in an efficient manner.

Hiring our services
When a company accepts the quote or estimate that it has requested for a service, that acceptance implies the acceptance of the payment policy unless specifically written in an agreement that says otherwise.

Accepting a quote from MODE MEDIA indicates the will and intention of the company to agree to the payment conditions. The money our clients pay for services, it is not only a necessity for MODE, it is also a safe investment.

In order to be able to contract equipment and professionals to be available for the day for the shoot (video, photo or any other service provided), the client must pay a deposit of 50% of the services in order to finalise the contract.

Until the client makes the deposit payment of the 50%, services are not reserved and the availability to offer the service is not guaranteed.


The remaining 50% payment for services will be paid at the time at specified below. This is determined by the particular characteristics of each service and according to the following typology of services. In all cases, the full final payment is made as specified below:

Photo services
The final payment of the remaining 50% for contracting this service must be made after the client has seen and accepted the final results of our work (a copy of the photos in low resolution with a MODE company watermark).

Once the client makes the final payment for services, MODE will send the photos in high-resolution format, as well as copies in any other format agreed upon.

Video production
The contracting company agrees to receive a copy of their video in low resolution with a watermark for previewing purposes. Once the client agrees with the final cut of the video, they must make the final payment of 50% to receive the final copy of the work in high resolution and no watermark.

The final cut
When filming is done, MODE MEDIA produces a montage of images according to the guidelines given by the contracting company or individual. Once this assembly or editing is complete, the video is sent to our customer with a time code needed to perform relevant changes required to render the product according to your needs. This re-editing session of the video is included in the cost of the fee for services. Once received all changes required in a unique list, any changes requested will be made and we will proceed with forwarding of the low resolution final cut copy of the video to the client.

Customers who request video editing service are entitled to a re-editing as described above. Subsequent requests for re-editing made after submission of the final cut copy will have an additional cost proportional to the time required to carry out the work. To do this, MODE will send a quote for services to clients for approval. Additional services must be paid in advance.

For video services hired by the client where video editing is not necessary, the customer agrees to payment for the service before the receipt of the original images. In cases where the customer wants only to receive completely original material, the cost of the service must be paid in full the day the filming takes place or within 24 hours of the completion of filming.

For those services not mentioned above the final payment must be made immediately after the end of the workday or within 24 hours posteriors to the completion of filming.

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