Service:  Audiovisual production services Mexico

Client: HP Influencer marketing

agency: Alkimiads

Agency: PHD Mexico.

Date and time: September 6 and 7, 2021.

Duration: 2 days of shooting, 2 weeks of editing, 1 week of color correction and color grading.

Platform: social networks, instagram and cable television.

“This commercial video is part of the marketing campaign developed in collaboration with Alkimiads and PHD for the computer brand HP Mexico in the LATAM market. Our production company, working in partnership with Alkimiads, took charge of the project from the brand briefing to the definition of the target audience and points of sale, including script development and production. Instagram was chosen as the primary platform for distributing the content, with Alkimiads providing a list of influencers that matched the brand profile. In addition, copies of the video were broadcast on cable television channels. Mode Media was responsible for the rest of the production process.

Our production team included a Director, Production Director, Director of Photography, camera operator, Art Director, wardrobe, makeup and all the necessary technicians such as Gaffer and assistants. The spots were shot in 8k resolution with a Red Helium S35 camera, commonly used in filming television series for platforms like Netflix. The shoot took place on the set of Capital Multiset forums in Mexico City. In addition to the advertising spots, a small photography session was conducted for campaign postings.

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