Services: Filming video conference Barcelona

Client: Tanla Solutions

Date & Location: Barcelona, 2019

Duration: 2 days

Description: MODE MEDIA was hired by one of the biggest communications provider based in India Tanla Solutions, to film video conference at Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona. The company serves clients in India and offers SMS, email, voice, data services.

The services we offer included full production service, multi-camera filming of their conferences, streaming online, photo and video coverage to produce content for their social media channel.  Here you can see an example of the videos produced. There are excepts from the multi-camera conference filming and also other videos of the interview to CEO dressed with b-role images of the event.

You can leave your request here, if your company needs filming services for conference.

Alternativamente, si te interesan nuestros servicios de streaming, echa un ojo a nuestro proyecto con la Fundación de Pasqual Maragall.


Tanla Solutions 2019
Tanla Solutions 2019

MODE MEDIA, Barcelona, was hired by communications provider Tanla for filming video conference. We offer full production service using multi-camera.