Service: Filming interviews company Barcelona

Client: Appsee at World Mobile Congress 2018

Date and location: February 26th to March 1st, Barcelona

Duration: 1 day shooting , 2 days editing

Delivery final videos: 10 days range.

Description: Appsee is a mobile app analytics platform that offers you powerful, qualitative analytics tools that enable you to track and optimize the UX in your app. MODE MEDIA’s camera crew filmed interviews Appsee’s staff and clients about the purpose of the platform and qualitative analytics. Our team took care of the video production with 4K cameras, live sound and editing.

Hire our video company for filming interviews at World Mobile Congress in Barcelona.

Alternativamente, si te interesan nuestros servicios de streaming, echa un ojo a nuestro proyecto con la Fundación de Pasqual Maragall.

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Mobile World Congress 2018 | Appsee
Mobile World Congress 2018 | Appsee

MODE MEDIA's video production company was required by the mobile app analytics platform, Appsee at the Mobile World Congress 2018, for filming interviews.