Services: Social media advertising services

Client: Colgate Colombia

Date & Location: July, 2017, Bogota.

Duration: 2 days shooting, 3 weeks post production

Description: We made this project together with marketing agencies Young & Rubicam, Netsonic and three Instagram influencers: Camila Zuluaga (fashion), Andrea Marmolejo (storyteller) and Tuti Vargas (make up).
The project was a campaign for new Colgate Colombia product Luminous White Xd shine. We were hired to produce 3 videos with influencers for social media content, all video includes motion graphics, additionally we produced photographic material for the advertising campaign.
In the video above you can see Tuti Vargas talking about Luminous White Xd shine toothpaste promotion.

Follow the link, if your company looking for an agency to promote products on Instagram.

All videos for instagram of this campaign you can find then here: promotional videos Colgate.


Colgate Luminous White
Colgate Luminous White

Social media advertising services, MODE MEDIA, filmed a social network video campaign with influencers for Colgate new product Luminous White toothpaste.