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Social Media Marketing

New Status Quo
In just 10 years, technological development has radically changed the way we relate to each other. Today we live with a smartphone stuck to the hand, we consume hundreds of images every day, and it costs us to pay attention to a content more than 30 seconds.
We communicate in different spaces with a different language.

New consumer
Studies show the change in the behaviour of consumers when making a purchase decision.
The decisions on whether or not to buy a product are made in this order:

  1. Recommendations of a relative or friend.
  2. Opinions of other consumers in the social network.
  3. TV ads.
  4. Advertisements in newspapers, ratio, magazines, etc.

The new marketplace is online and is called Social Networks.

New Marketplace
Social networks have become the space for interaction, consumption and exchange of content. They have progressively displaced traditional platforms as a sales space.
Today, networks such as YouTube, Instagram or Facebook displace television as a platform for content consumption among younger audiences.
The social network influences more in consumer buying decisions and offers direct sales channels vs TV, press, magazines, etc.

New Branded Content
The advertising contents interest little to an audience that searches in the network original and quality contents that adapt to their needs.
The branded content must be useful to the viewer. Contribute knowledge, values and entertain to capture their attention. The openly commercial content is not well received on social networks.

The strategy
Social networks are a community. A space for interaction between people, not companies. The brands must be humanised and contribute to the community, be one more and learn from the best in social networks: “the influencers”.
Safeguarding one’s identity and brand values, it must aspire to become an influencer.
Influencers: Creators of their own, original content, aimed at a specific audience, their community.

The language
Video and photography. Brands need a partner that dominates the communication in images, that designs and produces images and narratives (storytelling) manage to capture the attention of a consumer saturated with images. It is not about publishing videos and photos on a channel, but about designing and distributing content that connects with an audience. Quantity not, Quality.

The Brands
Most arrive late to the marketplace (social networks) and often do not understand it. They try to connect with the new audiences, in the new marketplace using the same strategy as in traditional media, with residual budgets to build a community faithful to the brand. The brands that first understands Social Media, will be positioned in a preferential place to create their community and sells their products.

Influencer marketing
When you hire a campaign with an influencer, you are also hiring his audiences. This allows you to guarantee that your campaign will have assured a certain visibility and interaction. We have specialised partners that allow us to reach practically any influencer on the net, however we recommend our clients not to base their social media strategy on influencer marketing exclusively because at the end of the day what you are doing during the campaign is renting an audience that in fact it offers its fidelity to the influencer and not necessarily to the brand. Once the campaign is over the followers leave with their influencer. Invest in creating the community of your own brand by investing in long-term strategies through the creation of unique and personal content of your brand.

Mimic your interlocutor. Communicate regularly with customized original content adapted to your target audience. Listen your audiences and be useful.
Our packages are designed to help brands create their community and be more connected to consumers.
Check our Flat rate of video and photo for social networks.

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