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video streaming barcelona

Our professional full HD video streaming service is designed to offer solutions to companies and organizations that need to broadcast live video of sports, cultural and educational events over the internet.

Hire a professional, experienced, safe and uninterrupted service.

Our streaming solution is ideal for broadcasting virtual congresses, interactive conferences, presentations, webinars, videoconferences, plays, dance, music concerts, school parties, online classes or courses and press conferences.

It allows assistance to people anywhere in the world from any device connected to the internet.

Choose one of our video streaming services:

Know your goals: Who is my target? In which social network does it work? What do I want to tell you?

Hire a professional streaming provider, with experience (technicians with more than 10 years of experience) and specialist in the field. Simply connecting cables is not enough. Tell us what you want to say and we will help you design “the how” (format, duration) and where (ideal platforms).

Our video streaming service allows you to:

  1. Record any event, powerpoint presentation, images (logos, credit titles, advertising banners), videos and sounds.
  2. Distribute the streaming video privately or openly to all audiences.
  3. We broadcast the event on the company’s social media channel: YouTube live, Facebook live, instagram live.
  4. Have a copy of all streaming once the event is over.
  5. Record the signals from each of the cameras used.
  6. Edit video summaries with the most important moments later for use in social networks.
  7. Create a custom page to broadcast from your own website or post it on a domain created for the event.
  8. Create chats so that the audience can participate in real time exposing ideas and questions.
  9. Integrate your streaming into a zoom call so that your presentation can be heard and seen with professional quality (ideal for zoom, Skype, google hangouts, webEx.
  10. Receive statistical result of event monitoring.

Contact us and tell us about the streaming relay service for your company.

Choose here the video streaming services that best suits your needs.

1. Meetings and company presentation (internal use).

Ideal for private company meetings in which a team must meet to analyze and strategize. Our professional team advises the entire process. We choose the most suitable application for the need.

For those speakers who must present documents, videos or slides, we set up a production study in their office so that the quality of their image and the content they present have the quality of a television broadcast. We have microphones, lighting and a professional camera suitable for a live broadcast.

It allows communication in real time as if the meeting were face-to-face.

Internet connection is only required by attendees.

2. Online conference (public or private) with chat

For companies that must present products or services during a live broadcast. Accessible to a remote audience. It allows its monitoring through mobile devices with an internet connection.

The broadcasts can be carried out in open air or limit their access to an audience with private access. Ideal for presentation of projects, presentations, shareholders meetings. Allows interaction with the audience through chats.

3. Retransmission event: Product presentation, concerts, theater.

Multi-camera filming of events so that the user can enjoy the sensations of a live performance. Live online broadcast from a website or the brand’s social networks. They represent a good option for companies to provide content value to their customers while strengthening ties and strengthening the relationship through more direct contact that allows direct user feedback.

If you want to stream a conference, an event, or a tutorial you can ask about our video streaming services here.

video streaming barcelona
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