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Business Presentation Videos for Companies in Barcelona

Last December we carried out a commission for the Akasha Hub organization.

Akasha Hub has a marvelous coworking space in the Clot district where it supports NGOs focusing on ecological causes with its own vision on governance, technology and connecting communities.

Akasha contacted us with the need to create a short one-minute video to distribute on social networks that would serve to give a brief explanation to people who visit their facilities or website about the nature of their activity.

The work was developed in coordination with those responsible for communication of this organization. The production process took about a week between meetings, format design, content selection (archive material in the hands of the company was used entirely) and video editing.

Once edited all the videos are supervised by the client to make any necessary modifications.

If you have a company, brand or startup, it is very important to have a video presentation that in a few seconds informs potential clients of the solutions that your service or product can offer.

 Get in contact with us here if you need us to help you in preparing a “company presentation video”.

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