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Production services in Barcelona for Branded Content

Early January Cheetah digital a marketing agency from United States hired our video production services to film a interviews of one of his clients, Emailing Network an email marketing agency.

Cheetah needed a local production company to record interview to the Chief Marketing Officer and CEO. We also film beaty images ( b-rolle) to ilustrate the reportage.

We also provided the video editing services so the client got a final video edited to display on their video blog as part of their branded content. A series of videos where their clients share their growth using their tools.

We offered two camera filming in 4k, sound recording with mic lavalier and boom mic and all lighting equipment.

The filming took place in the premises of Emailing Network and the editing process last about a week and it contain audio voice over of the questions.

If your company is in the need of a similar solution, here you can hire our production services Barcelona.


Here are 3 things you should take into account when recording interviews

Choose the interview space

This is probably one of the most important decisions you will ever make. You want your space to meet these conditions:

Good acoustic conditions: there is a window or door that faces a street, road or rooms with noise you should avoid it. If you are going to visit the space days or hours before the filming, ask those responsible for the activity and noise that occurs during the hours when the recording will take place.

Space lighting: See what the lighting conditions are in your space. Unless your interview is very short in length, you don’t want to do an interview next to a window. because? A window means natural light comes in that can illuminate your interviewee’s face or illuminate the background behind him. The problem with doing interviews is that a cloud can come in and cause the lighting conditions to change during the course of the interview. If you want to heal in health, you will prefer an indoor environment where the only light that illuminates the image is controlled and does not change.

Space environment: Depending on the nature and context of the space, you will decide to do the interview in a public space or in a more reserved space. Two examples:

  1. At the Mobile World Congress we interviewed some clients who spoke about their experience at the event, and alluded to the massive participation. In this case, it is not a problem that people are walking in the background or that a crowd noise is heard in the background.
  1. We recently conducted interviews for a documentary on HIV and interviewed an infected person. During the interview, he shared personal experiences and you can imagine that when you want a person to discuss personal issues, you want to interview him in a space where nobody bothers you and the interviewee feels comfortable.

Deal with the interviewee: Whether you are going to ask the questions or there is a presenter for this purpose, it is important that both of you feel very comfortable on the set because that way you will be more generous in your answers.

For this, be respectful and polite. Have a glass of water handy to offer. Make him feel cared for. As far as possible the chair will be comfortable. Let him talk to the interviewer a little bit before putting the lavalier microphone on him and always apply isopropyl alcohol to the microphone and cable before putting it in contact with his body to comply with COVID19 safety measures.


There are cases where you have to use a specific angle, such as when talking about a very sharp topic and you need to speak directly to the camera, or on the contrary, with a higher and far angle you can create a warm feeling between the interviewee and the interviewer

You just have to bear in mind that during the interview when the camera angle is changed, that the interviewee does not change according to the camera, this can cause the audience a feeling of “disconnection” with the interviewee


Ensuring that the images are well framed and in focus during the interview recording will make the visual material take on a more professional form.

In fact, playing with the plans during the montage of the interview will make the viewer pay more attention in moments where the information revealed is of importance.

Recording the interview outdoors will help reduce lighting and décor problems.


The ideal is to maintain a quiet, calm and neutral environment during the interview recording, this will generate a more fluid environment where the interviewee and the interviewer feel comfortable when formulating the questions.

We must take into account a subject that has a pull and generates hook in the viewer, we must also think about everything that happens in the place during the interview. Above all, do not forget to take good care of the details in the recording space, in this way there will not be a visual disorder

It is important that you speak with an appropriate tone of voice, as well as a good pronunciation.

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