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5 tips for recording video tutorials

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Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, from Mode Media we made 10 video tutorials for the paint company Bruguer, which wanted to maintain contact with its clients during quarantine while presenting its new range of paints, Chalk Paint! Chalky Finish, inspired by Nordic design and vintage finishes.

The recording of these tutorials took place at the Bruguer paint factory, located in Barcelona. For its realization, both the camera and video equipment were provided by the client, with the aim of achieving a reduction in production costs. A multi-camera shoot was made, with which high-definition images were obtained, and a set with a green background (chroma key) was used, which was later replaced in the edition according to the client’s requests.

Bruguer contacted us through the agency Houser & Houser, specialized in Marketing and Communication, seeking to make a series of videos for its Facebook and Instagram channels. They were delivered finished to the client within a week, with the format adapted to horizontal screens in the case of Facebook and vertical if we talk about Instagram, which experienced a growth in its number of followers of more than 50%, going from 26,000 to 42,000. In addition, the videos were delivered ready to be uploaded to the different platforms without the need for modifications by the client.

If you are looking for a company with which to record your video tutorials, you can contact our Video Production department. On the contrary, if you want to start in the world of creating video tutorials, continue reading the five keys that we offer you to succeed in the sector.

It is important to know everything you want to say during the video, and for this it is essential to develop a script in which to organize the ideas. It must be clear, concise, cohesive; with the aim of facilitating the filming and transmission of your ideas in the best possible way.

If you are starting out in the world of video tutorials, the most likely thing is that your filming set ends up being some corner of your agency or company. If you do not have enough money to get good equipment (cameras, tripod, spotlights, etc.), it’s okay: today there are many mobile models that record high-quality images, but choosing a well-lit site will be key to that the image quality is optimal. It is useless to record at night in the light of an orange lamp. In the same way, choose a smooth background, avoiding background elements that can end the attention of your audience.

Coupled with the above tip, keep in mind the main topic of your tutorial to choose a good frame and camera angle. If it is a turorial in which you need a table and require the manipulation of an object with your hands, it would be best if you make a fairly general plan and enter detailed plans. If instead your video focuses on the face, a short shot is preferable.

There are many editing programs at your fingertips to edit your videos, but the most important thing when editing is to think about your audience. You shouldn’t be making videos longer than 10 minutes. Remove all the filler, introduce transitions, shot changes, titles, animations, anything that helps your audience stay focused on what you’re telling. On the other hand, if you think that it will take you weeks to control an editing program, we recommend you to invest your time better and look for professionals who will do the work for you, in order to avoid mediocre results.

Not everything comes out the first time and it’s okay. There will be moments of despair when you see how you have to repeat a shot over and over again. So it is important that you memorize the script you have made, only experts allow improvisation. Everything is achieved through patience and perseverance.

If you still have doubts or want to ask us about budgets for the needs of your company, contact us at

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