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Streaming service in Barcelona for Pascual Maragall Foundation

We have recently offered a streaming video service in Barcelona for the conferences that the Pascual Maragall Foundation is broadcasting on its YouTube channel to provide information on Alzheimer’s disease.

On September 15, 2020, at the foundation’s facilities in Barcelona, ​​a two-camera interview was filmed between a journalist Francesc Soler and the notary and legal expert Alberto Domingo, with the participation of Sandra Poudevida, an Alzheimer’s therapist who participated from her home for videoconference using skype.

The multi-camera performance broadcast the image of the two cameras, plus the therapist’s webcam, through the direct internet connection to the YouTube channel, as well as the incorporation of credits and questions that people who followed the event sent from their mobile devices and computers.

Currently due to the capacity restrictions that must be kept for security reasons to prevent COVID19, the video streaming service is a solution for many brands and companies that do not want to cancel the events that they had scheduled for this 2020 and thus be able to stay in touch with your community of customers, partners or users.

This professional video transmission service allows you to broadcast interviews, virtual congresses, conferences, music concerts, events, video conferences, live presentations to the YouTube channel, Facebook as well as other social networks that have transmission functions enabled. The realizations allow to emit signals from several cameras in full HD, incorporate images (logos), audios, videos to accompany the presentations of the speakers, texts with the questions of the people who follow the broadcast.

This service can be combined with video conference services such as Zoom, Skype, and the like in order to offer a more professional signal that combines different video signals, very useful in making presentations (powerpoints, slides, videos, photos, audios).

Take advantage of the streaming service to connect with those outside of Barcelona or who cannot physically travel to your event. Contact us to prepare your streaming services

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