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Tag: Professional photography services Barcelona We are glad to announce you that MODE MEDIA has become a partner of Summer Acoustic. The music festival which will take place from the 18th to the 31st of July 2016 in different venues…

Sequence Shot, is it Worth it?

We present the music video production of Lalu Lala , also known as Lalu. This is a very low cost project made with no budget and with the help and collaboration of a team of professionals. This is a MODE MEDIA production, directed and produced by Georgie Uris .
This was a risky project, involving a host of potential risks because of its nature. It’s a live filming of a single song recorded in a sequence shot. This means that the camera does not stop recording from the beginning of the film to the end, not allowing mixing images of other shots as it usual does in the traditional music videos.

Live Music Video

Music video production company MODE MEDIA continues with the post production of a very special project, what makes it so special is this is the first time we attempt to do a live music video with no cuts, just long takes. The video we are about to post is a live recording and recreates the theme “lunch in Timbuktu” by Lalu Lala, sung and played by Tamara Loos and her guitar, the xylophone accompanied by Josh Weitzer. It is a video recorded with a single camera from the start to finish which means that the final shot chosen has to have the best possible execution since you can not make any changes or cuts on it.


We are pleased to present our recent work of music video production Barcelona with the artists Leslie Helpert and Albert Vila. Not long ago the singer has team up with the Catalan guitarist to give a series of concerts that…

Let’s Rock HappyLand Festival 2012

Photography coverage for the HAPPY LAND MUSIC FESTIVAL 2012. Here you can find a great selection of the event photographic coverage barcelona during the last festival in summer 2012 ! This year Happy Land Music Festivals celebrates its 3rd year with…

The Best DJs in Barcelona

We have done work for the French brand FLYZIK , a web platform that allows you to download international underground music. For the celebration of FLYZIK's promotional party, where DJs from all over the world performed, we were hired to…

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